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Accidental Incest
Genetic Analysis Device

What role will genetic technology play in our future sexual and personal relationships?

‘Accidental Incest’, the work of korea-born, UK-based Jae Yeop Kim, shows and questions a future scenario where many more people are born using sperm or egg donors and accidental incest. Jae’s works examines how new biotechnologies, and the companies that develop them, might lead to new types of relationships between friends, families and lovers.

Tens of thousands of people are conceived every year using donated sperm. A single sperm donor can anonymously father multiple children, so there’s a risk of ‘accidental incest’, where sexual relationships develop between half-siblings who are unaware they’re related.

Genetic Dilemmas Bio- Patch

The portable devices are designed to capture and analyse the genetic contents of both sexes and allow transfer of their respective DNA sequences into the main device. Through genetic engineering, the main device re-programs both the man and women’s gene to become free of a genetic disease.

Accidental Incest

As soon as the main device receives their genetic information, bio-chemical sampling assays using nanotechnology allows creation of the new gene by spreading their body cells and letting them grow on the surface of a gold pendant.

Genetically-Modified Tissue on Pendant
Genetically-Modified Tissue on Pendant

After two weeks of cleansing, the gold pendant containing the new gene may be applied to pregnant women in the form of bio-patch delivery system. The new gene then is permeated slowly into the baby via this delivery system.

Accidental Incest

“Designers with hybrid interests and experiences have the ability of understanding contemporary issues from multiple perspectives.” says Jae Kim Jae who is currently studying Design Interaction at Royal College of Art. His main interest lies in the social, cultural, and ethical consequences of emerging technologies.


Keywords: hybrid, DNA, Genetic technologies, Device, Cell, Birth, Incest.

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