Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis

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‘Last Kiss’

Born in Lubań, Poland, in 1972, Adam Martinakis studied at T.E.I. Of Athens, Faculty of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts, and Industrial Design, and since 2000 has been working in the Digital Arts. He has also taught Digital Graphics & Arts, Interior Design and Ceramic Design, and is a member of CultureInside, slashTHREE and Art.lica international art collectives.

Martinakis’ range of Computer-Generated visual media works with themes surrounding the organic and the digital, often exploring the human form by deconstructing it to vein-like layers. Described as a mixture of surrealism and futurism,  Martinakis’ work “combines art, philosophy and science to create works of art that make profound statements about the human condition.”(Claudia Moscovici)

Adam explains, “I’m very interested in the common feelings and situations that we all go through. Childhood, for instance, is a common period of our lives, but as the time goes by it looks more like a dream… Our body is the only home that we really have, and the most expressive tool we’ve got. Even when we don’t use it, like when we sleep or just sit and think, we always imagine ourselves in our bodies. I use it as a symbol of human presence.”(Dont Panic Interview)


‘Golden Boy’


“I work into digital environments with the usage of computers and the help of 3d software. The 3d models are created or inserted into the program with many techniques, depending on the needed atmosphere of the artistic content. Materials are set to cover the models and lighting designed to bring light to the scene.


Last Kiss – Wireframe


Finally, with the help of a build-in digital camera of the 3d software, we have the final product, a rendered image. This procedure contains the creation of your theme and the ” photo-shoot” of it. It is like when a photographer is building the world in which he will take his picture, but all of it is in a iconic digital world which doesn’t exist; the possibilities are endless…”



‘Aformi’ – wireframe


“I’m interested into the connection between the natural and the digital. We are in the turning point of  humanity where “technology” is playing a significant role in our lives in every aspect. But we are humans – a natural machine, and I try to investigate the new era of this connection. The best way to do it, in my opinion, is using those machines. They are here, anyway, to bridge the gap between us, the humans and it is only our fault if we don’t succeed with it.”


‘The Remains of a Memory’

Recently featured by Saatchi Online and in Empty Kingdom’s Top 100 Artists of 2012, Martinakis has also exhibited his work in exhibitions accross Athens and Luxembourg.

In terms of future plans, Martinakis says “my only plan is to continue to do what I do, experiment with my art and with myself, trying to find ways to connect with others. Technically, I will experiment more with motion 3d paintings and time.”


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