GRID Multi-Touch sound visualization

Pick of the Week #20

By 31fps, (Hamburg City, Germany)

The installation is basically a music visualization. Created for live events the application consists of a desktop version for realtime graphic visualization of music and an iOS version for interacting with the visuals.

The basic appearance is based on a shape that deforms synced to an audio signal. A never ending journey through portal-like visuals, organic and technical scenes take the viewer into a surreal feeling atmosphere.

Forming rapidly changing pictures out of those shapes the viewer seems to be part of electrical impulses catching short impressions of the human and his role in the universe.

Using an iPad or an iOS capable device people can directly interact with the music visualization. By using Multi-Touch it is possible to manipulate the camera of the desktop visualization as well as changing between different scenes.

Editor’s Note:
31fps’ Grid is a sound visualization and generative art piece programmed in Processing and openFrameworks. Multi-touch interactions with iPad/iPhone are projected to desktop screen by communication via OSC. Audiences can experience a beautifully rendered spatial code art on the screen and their devices. The piece includes a sample mp3 file for the sound input, and an audience can change the input sound in its setting option.

Technical Note:
Processing, OF, OSC, iOS, sound visualization, generative art.
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