Dark Cloud and the Long Goodbye

Dark Cloud and the Long Goodbye

Pick of the Week #11

Projection Mapping, AR, Anamorphic Architecture, Maya
by David Hall (aka Opiumblue : Seoul, Korea)

The artist firstly composed 3D low polygon data in Maya, and later the 3D form was flattened into a 2D planar figure image that was fitted to each surface of the animations. It was originally designed to teach a large-sized student participants’ group on how projection mapping procedures could be technically made. In relation to C.10 series, C.14 Dark Cloud was Opiumblue’s solo exhibition that added fog and lighting experiments to his original low polygon projection mapping set. The additional physical effects produced a fascinating scene of great sensuality. Empathic as well as deeply contextual breathes from the dark cloud object stopped the passerby and held their attention, as the existence was so much synthetic. The installation was positioned in a triangular prism glass case, and displayed on a window open to the street in a corner/ junction of the gallery.

The artist David Hall, who is originally from London, UK, is now teaching digital media design at IDAS, Hongik University, Seoul. Hall graduated – MDes – from RCA (1989) and he has over 15 years of industrial experiences in the field of production design and art direction for media enterprises in UKsuch as Chrysalis Television, Channel 4 Television, SKY Television, BBC Television and Credit Lyonnais. Hall has also performed a concept work and future analysis for Apple computer.

David Hall (aka Opiumblue) web.
The exhibition blog by the artist web.

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