Post-Digital Monsters

Post-Digital Monsters

Pick of the Week #34

by Pictoplasma at La Gaite Lyrique, Paris

 Motomichi Nakamura Monster

This week Paris sees the invasion of a number of Post-digital Monsters, brought by the Berlin lab Pictoplasma. It’s with no doubt a favourite amongst the Alpha-ville creative team.

The exhibition makes reference of the implications of new technologies in character design, hence the use of the term post-digital. It is part of a larger festival will present over 30 artists and here are our favourites:


An artist from NYC with Japanese roots that are present in his works.

 Motomichi Nakamura Monster 2


The French illustrator and designer who 2 years ago created a beautiful moving image piece for La Gaite Lyrique.

Yves Geleyn


The eclectic French audio-visual duo who played an amazing live set at Alpha-ville 2010.
Gangpol & Mit

Well done Pictoplasma & Gaite Lyrique!
And if you are in Paris, you have no excuse to miss it.

Keywords: illustration, design, characters, monsters, postdigital.

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