Collider by Robert Hodgin

Collider by Robert Hodgin

Pick of the week #56

By Robert Hodgin

pick of the week 56

Rober Hodgin is a San Francisco based artist/coder. His piece Collider presented here, has been developed for Eyeo Festival 2012 – a 4 day event that has brought together some of the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping tomorrow. Hodgin lists his primary interests as “theoretical physics, astronomy, particle engines, and audio visualizations.” He creates works exploring these concepts using Java, Processing, C++, Cinder, OpenGL, and GLSL. Collider is a work-in-progress, which will be the culmination of a 12 piece series Hodgin has been working on in order to deal with the specific visual and coding issues in creating the final piece. It is also a very engaging example of how the above-mentioned creative interests and technical processes can be merged together. Do check out the rest of the series on his website to see how the big bang can be interpreted as the “ultimate surprise party”!

See more on Robert Hodgin’s website.

Keywords: Big Bang, Code, C++, Cinder, OpenGL, GLSL


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