Pick of the week 61 The Bravest Man

Pick of the week 61 The Bravest Man


A Chrome Experiment by Daniel Savage

Another fanstastic web experiment using Chrome this time for the mainstream and featuring a song by musician Bobby Womack named The Bravest Man in the Universe. The project can be enjoyed in Android and iPhone/iPad devices. There is a nice level of interaction using simple gestures like tap, pinch or drag that allows you to play while listening to the song.

In words of the art director ” from a technical standpoint, the project was a great learning process. Our challenges included breaking down what tasks were processor intensive and how we could optimize the animation. In the end, we used a mix of canvas rendering, DOM elements, CSS animations and transitions and JavaScript to get the best results. To make all of this come together we built a custom workflow, that allowed us to animate the scenes in a timeline-based animation editor and export the animation into CSS, which was then processed through custom scripts.”

Watch the teaser below and play from your mobile device at: http://www.bravestman.com/

Keywords: interactive music video, web experiment
Note: it requires Android 4 with Chrome or iPhone/iPad running on IOS 5.0

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