Dancing With Swarming Particles

Dancing With Swarming Particles


by Rodrigo Carvalho (aka Visiophone)
performer : Tamar Regev; coordinator : Anna Mura

Dancing With Swarming Particles is an interactive installation and performance that intends to explore the relationship between a physical user/performer and a virtual performer the “avatar” which has the physical characteristics of morphing flocking particles. The avatar’s body is composed by flocking particles that initially float in the virtual space without any apparent order. It is through the energy of the physical user/performer’s movements that the particles will start to morph into the avatar’s body.


Made in Unity3d, using Kinect and Osceleton

The installation and performance piece of Visiophone has two noticeable aspects as an interactive art. First, it successfully adopts two very promising game development environments, Unity3D, and Kinect, which are developing a huge media artist fanbase at this moment. However it is one of the very rare cases that the emerging technical tools have reached at the certain level of artistic excellence. Second, the avatar body reflection from the dancer movements is dramatically visualized in the particles and spaces in 3D virtual world. It creates emotive, synthetic, and multi-layered perceptive experience in deeply aesthetic way.

Dancing With Swarming Particles [extracts] from visiophone on Vimeo.

Rodrigo Carvalho (aka Visiophone) web.

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