Save Food From The Fridge by Jihyun Ryou

Save Food From The Fridge by Jihyun Ryou

Pick of the week #78

“Observing the food and therefore changing the notion of food preservation, we could find the answer to current situations such as the overuse of energy and food wastage. My design is a tool to implement that knowledge in a tangible way and slowly it changes the bigger picture of society. I believe that once people are given a tool that triggers their minds and requires a mental effort to use it, new traditions and new rituals can be introduced into our culture.” – Jihyun Ryou

Jihyun Ryou’s design project ‘Save Food From the Fridge’ re-evaluates our relationship with what we eat, and provides beautiful, simple answers for how we can appropriately store our food.

In an age where being reliant on technology is second nature, these designs suggest that there is a world of common sense that we think better of in light of our advancements. Ryou writes”We don’t observe the food any more and we don’t understand how to treat it.. my design looks at re-introducing and re-evaluating traditional oral knowledge of food, which is closer to nature. Furthermore, it aims to bring back the connection between different levels of living beings, we as human beings, and food ingredients as other living beings.”

With fears over global warming and food wastage, Ryou’s timely project offers a moment of contemplation to the possibility that becoming less electricity-dependent doesn’t have to be a step backwards.

Ryou is dedicated to using her objects for “making invisible knowledge evident”, and has  a blog for people to share their own traditional food knowledge.

She also discusses the Save Food from the Fridge Project in her TED talk. 


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