3D Printed Record by Amanda Ghassaei

3D Printed Record by Amanda Ghassaei

Pick of the Week #74


We inaugurate the 2013 weekly selection with a project that takes inspiration in the past to build to the future. The 3D printed Record by Amanda Ghassaei is an exploration of the current possibilities and limitations of the 3D printing technology. Although the record doesn’t meet the audio quality standards yet, it opens many questions about the future of product making with new technologies and how we will be able to customise products to our likes and needs. Ghassaei is interested in developing physical interfaces for the manipulation of digital media. We believe that this is going to be a hot topic in the new year. How can we make create more physical interfaces for digital? what will be the implications?

We look forward to a year of discovery. In the meantime, check out the 3D Printed Record and read a full feature into how she created this project at the Instructables page.

Keywords: #3Dprinting #processing #audio

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