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IOTORAMA, an interactive project by the Alpha-ville Studio where people can learn about the world of “IoT” (Internet of Things) in a playful way.

Inspired by the shapes and colours of the Bauhaus, IOTORAMA’s interactive interface is comprised of a constellation of animations, soundscapes and curated multimedia projects that illustrate how purposeful design integrated with data and technology can enhance our lives and sparkle new ways to engage with our environment. The installation depicts familiar areas such as home, body-mind, culture, DIY or social, in which everyday objects are enabled with connecte...

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C E L L is an interactive installation commissioned by Alpha-ville for the 2011 festival and created by Keiichi Matsuda and James Alliban.

This interactive installation plays with and proposes alternative landscapes in the technological ether surrounding our everyday movements.

As our identities become deliberately constructed and broadcast commodities, our projected personae increasingly enmesh and define us. Cell acts as a virtual mirror, displaying a constructed fictional persona in place of our physical form. Composed from keyword tags mined from online profiles, these second selves stalk our movements t...

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