IOTORAMA, an interactive project by the Alpha-ville Studio where people can learn about the world of “IoT” (Internet of Things) in a playful way.

Inspired by the shapes and colours of the Bauhaus, IOTORAMA’s interactive interface is comprised of a constellation of animations, soundscapes and curated multimedia projects that illustrate how purposeful design integrated with data and technology can enhance our lives and sparkle new ways to engage with our environment. The installation depicts familiar areas such as home, body-mind, culture, DIY or social, in which everyday objects are enabled with connected technologies and given new functionality.

By exploring the constantly evolving landscape of smart objects and fictional projects, IOTORAMA reflects on the possibilities and implications of connected technologies. In line with Alpha-ville’s forward-thinking ethos, IOTORAMA proposes an active approach to technology and in particular to the internet of everything, questioning the way we are designing the world of tomorrow.

How it works:

IOTORAMA can be experienced as an installation across several screens, and it also exists as a web experiment for Google Chrome. It invites people to discover different areas of life by exploring a network of geometric shapes wandering in constant evolution, in which objects (circles) can be linked to data sources (squares) and purposes (triangles). By touching and playing with each object, people can unfold a selection of related projects.

Connected Beings
Mobile World Centre Barcelona
Plaza Cataluyna, Barcelona
2 Mar – 31 July 2015

*Best experience in Google Chrome browser.

A project by Alpha-ville Studio
Creative direction, curation & production by Alpha-ville (Estela Oliva, Carmen Salas)
Technical direction, development by FLUUUID (Silvio Paganini, William Mapan)
Art direction, design by Jonas Eltes
Sound design by Giganta
Tech support by Miguel Gozalbo

Thank you to the MWC team and Pep Salazar.

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