IOTORAMA web experiment is now live!

IOTORAMA web experiment is now live!


We’re excited to announce that the web version of our interactive project IOTORAMA is now live for everyone to experience at

Explore a game-like ecosystem of smart objects and link them with data and purposes to discover a curated selection of “IoT” projects that include the smart home hub Mother, a personal robot that acts as your PA, a couple bracelet by Bond that tickle your partner from wherever you are, digital art canvas by Framed; the connected Hello Barbie;  the solar-powered dress Wearable Solar by Pauline Van Dongen; a DIY kit to build your own web-connected thing by readDIYmate, a robot that acts as your PA Personal Robot by Robotbase and many other projects.

For optimal viewing experience visit IOTORAMA in Google Chrome from a computer or tablet and put your headphones on.


Creative direction, curation and production by Estela Oliva and Carmen Salas (Alpha-ville)

Technology direction and development by Silvio Paganini and William Mapan (FLUUUID)

Art direction and design by Jonas Eltes 

Sound design by Giganta

A project by Alpha-ville.

Commissioned by Mobile World Capital

Supported by Telit.

For more information, please visit the project page.

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