David McLellan, Nico Antonogiannis, Coy Chen, Sunny Shao, Anna Jansson

UK, 2010

In an enclosed arena a dozen small colour-coded autonomous robots coexist and communicate with participants. Through sensors and programmed behaviours the robots sense and respond to the presence of people within the arena. Participants must attempt to control the robots, herding together as many of the same colour as possible. The work encourages participants to form a generative dialogue with the robots through physical interaction in order to explore human-machine interaction and the social implications of a world shared with sentient technologies.

David McLellan is a London based artist who combines interaction design, programming and engineering to create responsive environments and devices that explore the dynamic relation between architecture, people and technology. Working across a wide range of media, he employs technologies and theories from robotics, nature inspired computing, agent technologies and cybernetics to create installations and digital artifacts that investigate the development of these ‘smart’ environments and the resulting digital ecologies. He is interested in how the human body will interact with these digitally mediated environments and how they will affect social interaction in the future. He has taught video production, animation and programming and has been the recipient of funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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