Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins



Time: 8:30pm-3am

London-based electronic composer, producer and remixer making powerfully emotive music that consistently crosses genres, ranging from solo acoustic piano to explosive, bass-heavy electro. A long-term collaborator of Brian Eno, his career has remained unpredictable, taking in collaborations with Wayne MacGregor, King Creosote and David Holmes; remixes for such varied artists as Agoria, Wild Beasts, Nosaj Thing, James Yorkston and Four Tet; and film scores for directors including Peter Jackson and Gareth Edwards. His hyper-energetic live show has been seen at some of the world’s most iconic venues, clubs, festivals and concert halls.

Jon Hopkins has just been nominated for the 2011 Mercury Music Prize for Diamond Mine, a collaborative album with Fence Records founder King Creosote.

For Alpha-ville 2011, Jon will delight us with a very special AV show with visual artist Dan Tombs

David Lynch – I Know (Jon Hopkins Remix) by Jon Hopkins

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  1. By Meet Jon Hopkins on August 24, 2011 at 10:46 am

    […] Jon Hopkins  is something of a polymath: soundtrack composer, producer, remixer, DJ. He’s the kind of guy who makes you feel like you’re shirking if you’re yet to get Brian Eno on speed dial and still waiting earn cross-discipline plaudits on a regular basis. What’s that? You haven’t? Slacker.First, some background: Raised in London, he studied classical piano at the Royal College of Music before having his ears tweaked by the surfeit of groundbreaking electronic music that was seeping out of the radio in the early 90s. Since then he hasn’t exactly looked back; his solo body of work begun with his 2001 debut Opalescent which set a high watermark for primary coloured electronica, washed with ambience yet still structured, tight. Over the years he’s continued to refine his sound, keeping one ear open to new trends and avoiding easy categorisation. His 2009 album ‘Insides’ toyed with expectations of electronic and acoustic, where spells cast by glossy, introspective melodies are torn asunder by gut wrenching spasms of bass.But that’s just part of the story. Hopkins has also established himself as one of the most in-demand producers working within the field of electronic music, with production credits on albums by Massive Attack, Herbie Hancock, Coldplay and, of course, long-term collaborator Brian Eno. Last month it was announced last month that his collaboration with King Creosote on the record ‘Diamond Mine’ has been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize – which means more ears than ever are going to be tuning into his frequencies. […]

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