Grey Matter

Grey Matter

Grey Matter, Man Bartlett

Man Bartlet

US, 2011

Dates: 24 (Netil House) || 25 (V&A)

Times: Throughout the day.

Combining online performance and interactive installation, Grey Matter will mine notions of collective and individual identity in relationship to literal and figurative concepts of geographic dispersion.Over two days, visitors to the Digital Design Festival at Victoria & Albert Museum and the Alpha-ville Festival at Netil House will be invited to leave their mark in response to the question, “Where are you from?” This component of Grey Matter will seek to highlight similarities and differences in the way that “East” and “West” London audiences respond to the open-ended question they are asked, simply by the way in which they choose to leave their mark.Participants will be also be invited to engage via Twitter. These exchanges will be interpreted and visually represented on a “timeline” by the artist. A video projection in both venues will show a live stream of the performance as well as the corresponding Twitter stream.

The title, Grey Matter, refers to the substance in the brain where sensory perceptions such as memory, emotions and speech are controlled. It also subtly references Gray’s Inn, which sits at the approximate midpoint between Victoria & Albert Museum and the Netil House. This midpoint acts as the psychogeographical location where the artist operates in two worlds, the physical and the online-ephemeral.

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Event in collaboration with the Digital Design Weekend at V&A

Thank you Man Bartlett, Irini Mirena Papadimitrou and Sarah Khan.

Photos of Grey Matter

Video of Grey Matter


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