Pick of the Week 17

Pick of the Week 17

moving objects | nº 502 – 519
Pe Lang (Zurich and Berlin)

Pe Lang’s poetic and elegant hand built sculptures combine mechanized systems with new materials to direct and manifest a different approach to kinetic movement. Lang realizes performances and creates installations by ingeniously assembling magnetic, electrical and mechanical devices and even inventing new apparatus and prototypes. The resulting works are both visually appealing, due to their elegant and minimal kinetic qualities, but also fascinating for their acoustic features. Chance plays an important role in his works and the artist playfully manages to balance between order and chaos by controlling the forces involved in his compositions: the precision of the mechanical devices and the disarrangement resulting from the collision of the various elements. (Text: Boris Magrini, excerpted from his bio)

Editor’s note:
Pe Lang’s most recent work, moving objects | nº 502 – 519, reveals the great potentiality of moving objects and of acoustic creation as an aesthetic experience. The pleasantly elaborated mechanic components of magnetic parts and bolts move around and produce systematic kinetic postures, alignments, and echoes of musical sounds arising out of the clicking metal. Moving objects | nº 502 – 519 brings a mesmerizing spectacle that absorbs one into the work’s universe loosing sense of time.

Technical Note :
Gearmotors, magnets, copper
Artwork Specification: 68 x 58 x 17 cm, 2011, edition of 6

Pe Lang Web.
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