Pick of the Week 28

Pick of the Week 28


Wood as Bones, Light as Flesh

by FAIL (Europe), the collective of  electric kettle, SILANT, Lucy Benson and fRED

In essence the structure is a narrative organism. This being is telling its story without words or any human form. Its body is its language. This body has its own temporal vitality, a re-interpretation of the human condition. The wood has the value of bones and flesh is no different from the temporality of light.

 As the audience moves around the sculpture, they are inevitably part of the story unfolding around them.

Editor’s Note :

The title “Wood as Bones, Light as Flesh” has described a key structure of the installation and the idea of the art piece itself.  The spatial structure framed the space of a story, and the digital images delivered the narrative of a story. They were meant to be combined and interdependent to each other to complete the multi-dimensional stories.  The interdependency of two substances opens the unlimited possibility of new stories and experiences by subjects, and it reflected the deep nature of FAIL, the multi-genre collaboration. We admire this work for its technical excellence as well as for the visionary agenda of futuristic experiments. All we wish to share the FAIL’s great vision more intimately in the venue of Alpha-Ville Festival 2012.


Keywords :

projection mapping, installation, narrative organism, MadMapper


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