Pick of the Week 33

Pick of the Week 33


FRED PENELLE & LEGOMAN [work in progress]

by Frédéric Penelle (Brussels, Belgium) and Yannick Jacquet (Brussels, Belgium)

Frédéric Penelle, the witty graphical storyteller from Brussels, and Yannick Jacquet (aka Legoman), a member of one of the most outstanding audiovisual labels: AntiVJ, have released an inspiring work in-collaboration a few days ago. We caught Yannick Jacquet in social media to ask him about this “work in progress” video. Their rendez-vous seems to evolve into a stage of an ultimately improvisational form between visuals in static, and visuals in motion. The mapping projections are measured to the little detail making the drawings feel live.

What was the motivation of the collaboration between you and Fred Penelle?

Yannick : I like to have new artistic experiences, and I love to mix my practice of video with other art, as in my previous project « Cityscape 2048 » made with the Swiss drawer Mandril.  I have seen the work of Fred Penelle in several exhibitions in Brussels. Few months ago, I contacted him to ask if he would be interested in a collaboration.


How has the division(or combination) of creativity worked in action? 

Yannick : We started this project as something very spontaneous because it was the first time that we work together. We can compare this experience to two jazz musicians who meet for the first time and improvise music. It was a very free graphic experience without a real sense or a message.


What was the ideas of the workshop where you captured the video in November 2011?

Yannick : The idea was to get to know about our work. It was just a free experiment. I think the result was quite fruitful and it opened many possibilites.


 The work is “in progress”… what will be the final goal and how will the work look like? 

Yannick : The goal is still blurry. We have now a lot of work, especially a work of writing to give more sense to it. We want also add sound to this project. We hope to present this installation to the public in a few months


We hope to see the developement of this piece soon :)


Keywords :

audiovisual, projection mapping, AntiVJ, Jubilee, mapping narrative, illustration

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