Pick of the week 36

Pick of the week 36

by Sahar Fikouhi

Grid is an Augmented Reality environment created by Sahar Fikouhi which provides a spatial configuration for real-time gaming at an architectural scale. This project showcases a prototype of the AR environment devised at one to one scale to test the possibilities of augmented reality in the built environment. The project uses a simple architectural maze which people can navigate through in real-time.

This project has really captured our attention as it opens the discussion about AR in the built environment and how we are going to interact with spaces using digital technologies. As the artists says “the project aims to explore new ways of inhabiting and interacting in social spaces. To enhance social activities in architectural spaces we can augment the space with interactions which merge reality with digital practices which occur on social networking platforms”. In 2012 we expect to see this and similar happenings in the cities.

Technical note:
The prototype was developed for the iphone using Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK and Xcode.


Augmented reality, architechtural spaces, gaming, mobile apps

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