Sprint Digital Creative Residency

Sprint Digital Creative Residency


Sprint is a digital intervention and an open experiment. This pilot residency programme has been designed to explore how digital processes and techniques can create disruptive innovation and creative outputs within Rambert, Britain’s national dance company.

Sprint aims to foster new relationships between Rambert’s dance practitioners and digital creatives, facilitate experimentation and exchange of knowledge, and open up the organisation to new approaches using technology.

Residents will work with Rambert’s dancers, choreographers and staff to develop outputs and show their processes along the way. Themes may include: making visible the invisible, feedback loops with the audience, data and body hacks, motion and space, creative coding and choreography, wearable tech and more.

Dates: Oct 2015 – Jul 2016.

Sprint, the Rambert Digital Creative Residency is a project designed by Rambert and Caper and in collaboration with Alpha-ville.