Hearn Street Warehouse


Time: 8pm-6am

Truss is one of the new producers to emerge from the resurging UK Techno scene. His releases on the ever prominent Perc Trax imprint demonstrate a range of influences old and new, drawing on 90′s sounds emanating from cities such as Birmingham and Berlin. His sound can be characterised by heavily swung abrasive rhythms, punctuated by raw and metallic sound design.

Truss also collaborates with Brooklyn based producer Donor. Despite their geographical separation, the pair have managed to facilitate a largely online based collaboration to forge a distinct take on contemporary Techno, resulting in releases on some of today’s leading labels with more material on the horizon.

Truss has released on Perc Trax and recently on other labels such as Strobscopic Artefacts.

Truss – Osbasten by Truss

Lucy – Eon (Truss Remix) by Truss

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