Unit 15, Bartlett School of Architecture

Unit 15, Bartlett School of Architecture



Robots of Brixton, Unit 15
Photo: “Robots of Brixton” by Kibwe Tavares


Showcase of work by one of the most talented units at the Bartlett School of Architecture curated and presented by Nic Clear – course Director. Unit 15 is a postgraduate design unit that specialises in the use of film, CGI, animation and motion graphics to explore and investigate new forms of architecture.

The key concept for Unit 15 this year is uncertainty; uncertainty will be embraced as a positive as well as a negative term.

“Uncertainty will force us to be creative, speculative and critical. Uncertainty will also make us sceptical about the architectural profession and any so-called experts who profess certainty.We may be uncertain about what we are going to do? Why we are doing it? How we will do it? Where it will be done? And who is going to pay for it? However we must do something so we will do the best that we can, we are certain of that.

We will question traditional architectural certainties, specifically traditional forms of architectural representation and traditional value systems. We will question the certainties of form, structure and programme and we will create open and contingent forms of knowledge that allow us to flourish as designers and as people.” Nic Clear

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