Pas a Pas

Pas a Pas

Ishac Bertran

ES, 2010

Pas a Pas is an interactive educational tool for schools that enables children to learn and experiment with different sets of elements using animation. It aims to use the physicality and the animated outcome of stop motion animation to bridge the gap between abstract concepts from maths, physics or arts (usually represented by graphs, equations or words) and reality.

The system consists of three aspects: a platform to record and display animations, a set of elements for animating and a community to share the generated content.Different sets of elements are designed to teach specific content for a certain age group, such as Geometry for 4 to 6 year olds. Each set comes with a cartridge that contains the animation guides. Aside from the sets that the system offers, the collection is scalable as teachers can easily create new animation exercises and share them with the community.Ishac holds an MA in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) and worked in the R&D department of Hewlett-Packard during his studies. Aiming to combine a technical background with a career centered upon creative thinking, he entered Node, an innovation consultancy. Through Node, Ishac developed products and services for multiple sectors, working with international and multi-disciplinary teams. He also managed projects and teams while working with Loop, a strategy and design company. He complemented his studies with an intense 1-year programme in Interaction Design at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Ishac is currently working as an Interaction and Service Design consultant, and he likes to spend time exploring the intersection of technology and art.

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