Herman Kolgen launches Inject Limited Edition on Sedition

Herman Kolgen launches Inject Limited Edition on Sedition

Herman Kolgen

Following the recent Alpha-ville LIVE event with Herman Kolgen, Alpha-ville has partnered with digital arts platform Sedition to release a new limited edition by Herman Kolgen. Kolgen has created a special artwork derived from his award winning performance Inject. The mesmerizing work called Inject Roots is available as a 1 minute limited edition HD video on the Sedition platform. If you purchase the work, you can play and display it on your devices without any limitation.

We are very excited about this new way of experiencing the work of some of our favourite artists.

Inject Roots Sedition

Head over to Sedition to find out more about Inject Roots.

Herman Kolgen is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal and has made multimedia creations for over twenty years. On May 2014 he presented his award winning work Inject for the first time in London at Kings Place as part of the Alpha-ville LIVE series.



If you are as fond of Herman’s work as we are, don’t miss this opportunity to buy a little piece of his art and take it with you everywhere you go :)

Buy here from £13/$21.

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