Wonderful Little Creatures

Wonderful Little Creatures

Netil House


Sean Rogg with Sam Willis & Alessio Natalizia (aka WALLS)

UK, 2011

Times: || FRIDAY 23 (17:30 – 18:00) || SATURDAY 24 (17:00 – 17:30)

Wonderful Little Creatures is a live art and sound performance by Sean Rogg. A small laboratory set is constructed. A series of liquids are mixed together each containing various formulas to create fluids that when heated to extreme temperature behaves like living organisms. Sam Willis & Alessio Natalizia (aka WALLS) will be reacting to the creatures and performing a live sonic interpretation of what these animals might sound like if they were real.Sean Rogg is a young British Artist working in the field of video and performance. His work has been exhibited at The Wapping Project, Bloomberg SPACE and ICA in London, as well as part of TinaB Biennale in Prague, at Modern Art Oxford, The CCA in Tel Aviv and Artfinder Galerie in Hamburg. He currently lives and works in London.Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis (aka Kompakt’s ‘Walls’) received Mojo’s Electronic Album Of The Year in 2010 for their debut album. They are due to release their latest album in September, before touring with Battles around the US in October. This live scoring of Wonderful Little Creatures is an example of their constant sonic experimentation, as solo artists and musical collaborators.
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