35th Arts and Business Awards Logo Ident

35th Arts and Business Awards Logo Ident

Client: Arts and Business
Date: May 2014

Alpha-ville created a special 3D logo ident for the Arts & Business 35 Years Awards. The Arts & Business Awards in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover celebrated six of the very best arts and business collaborations at a special anniversary awards ceremony held at London’s BFI Southbank.

Our goal for this project was to represent the gravitas and the innovation of the awards brand through both sound and visuals. We created an imaginary lotto space in 3D, with three lottery machines that contain balls, bubbles and magic particles. The chosen balls go down a runway to a podium that blends into the original Arts and Business Awards logo.



The logo animation was premiered during the Awards ceremony at BFI Southbank where Alpha-ville also presented a live visual performance and an art installation by artist Alba G Corral.

Awards Film by Christa HolkaPhoto by Christa Holka

Alpha-ville Creative Studio: alphavillefestival.co.uk/
Client: Arts & Business, artsandbusiness.bitc.org.uk/
Creative direction: Estela Oliva
Creative and 3D Artist: Graphset
Sound design: Matthias Kispert

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