Alpha-ville LIVE presents HERMAN KOLGEN

Alpha-ville LIVE presents HERMAN KOLGEN


Alpha-ville returns with a special edition of its LIVE series featuring for the first time in London the emotionally intense multimedia creations of award-winning Montreal-based artist Herman Kolgen. On Sunday 18th May, Alpha-ville LIVE presents a double bill programme with Kolgen’s most impressive audiovisual performances Inject and Dust at Kings Place, London.

Inspired by 1920 Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray’s photography Elevate de Poussiere, Dust explores the changes in the state of matter. At the edge of the imperceptible, pigments are suspended around a magnetic field, random fibrous networks take shape and then form composite objects, hypnotic in their complexity. Sound particles paired with luminous aggregates exist on a scale that cancels out all points of reference.

Inject is a visual masterpiece in high definition awarded with the honorary mention at Prix Art Electronica 2010. In Inject, Herman Kolgen illustrates a loss of touch with reality, and the strange disconnection between the physical and emotional states of being.

Kolgen_Dust 001

Venue: Hall 1, Kings Place, London.
Date: Sunday 18th May 2014.
Programme: Double Bill Programme with Inject and Dust (Live audiovisual performances).
Tickets are available online at Kings Place website 
Savers: £9.50/Online price: £14.50

This event is kindly supported by the Québec Government Office, London and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Internationally renowned, multifaceted artist, Herman Kolgen, has been modeling sumptuous ‘audiocinetic’ performances for over twenty years. The Montréal-based sight and sound virtuoso, continually hatches new conceptual approaches to celebrate the powerful synergy (and intimacy) at the heart do his audiovisual works. Constantly exploring, Kolgen works at the junctures of different media, as well as elaborating a new technical language and distinctive aesthetic.

Kolgen’s works take the forms of installations, video, performances and sound sculptures. He has performed at prestigious international events such as Berlin’s Transmediale, the Venice Biennale, Austria’s Ars Electronica, Elektra and Mutek.


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