Charles Beckett

Charles Beckett

Time: 2:10 – 2:30pm
Relationship manager – Digital and Creative Economy, ArtsCouncil London
‘Charles Beckett is the Relationship Manager for Digital and Creative Economy at Arts Council England’s London office. He helps artists and organisations based in London to take advantage of digital technology and contributes to Arts Council England’s overall policy in this area.’ Do you need more than this? I could mention my personal blogging, but that seems a bit pretentious somehow…

Session Discussion
The theme of the symposium is the post-digital world, isn’t it, so I think we need to talk about is what that means for some of the organisations we work with – how the understanding of what a ‘digital strategy’ is has evolved and really the relationships between audience/producer/work/distribution etc.. are more complicated than just producing digital content and whacking it out there…

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