IOTORAMA web experiment is now live!


We’re excited to announce that the web version of our interactive project IOTORAMA is now live for everyone to experience at

Explore a game-like ecosystem of smart objects and link them with data and purposes to discover a curated selection of “IoT” projects that include the smart home hub Mother, a personal robot that acts as your PA, a couple bracelet by Bond that tickle your partner from wherever you are, digital art canvas by Framed; the connected Hello Barbie;  the solar-powered dress Wearable Solar by Pauline Van Dongen; a DIY kit to build your own web-connected thing by readDIYmate, a robot that acts as your PA Personal Robot by Robotbase and many other projects.

For optimal viewing experience visit IOTORAMA in Google Chrome from a computer or tablet and put your headphones on.


Creative direction, curation and production by Estela Oliva and Carmen Salas (Alpha-ville)

Technology direction and development by Silvio Paganini and William Mapan (FLUUUID)

Art direction and design by Jonas Eltes 

Sound design by Giganta

A project by Alpha-ville.

Commissioned by Mobile World Capital

Supported by Telit.

For more information, please visit the project page.

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