Pick of the Week 9

Pick of the Week 9

by rAndom International, UK

From April 2011, rAndom International’s Reflex Installation at the Wellcome Trust transforms the Darwin & Mendel windows in Euston Road into the habitat of an organism that represents itself in the form of light. By reacting to passers-by it invites a physical response to the building. The swarm behaviour of the installation is inspired by an algorithm developed to emulate the collective decision making process employed by creatures (such as birds flocking, ants, etc) in the natural world.

Reflex owns many aspects of a well-designed responsive architectural installation. Darwin & Mendel, those twined windows of swarm lights which are reactive to visitors or passers-by, represent the image and ideas of the entity while they attracts the attentions of the public naturally and silently. The simulated organic behaviors deliver a proper amount of intimacy between the responsive architecture, and the public.

Don’t miss it if you are in London!

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