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1st Alpha-ville Symposium

Time: 9:30am – 4:40pm This year’s programme addresses the transition from a digital to a post-digital culture, that looks beyond technology at how human behaviours such as collaboration, participation and interaction have redefined the creative practice and society itself, and at how the physical boundaries between reality and online are being blurred. The event brings […]

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Moritz Stefaner

Time: 10:45 – 11:15am Moritz Stefaner joins the symposium to speak about data for social innovation. Moritz works as a freelance designer on the crossroads of data visualization, information aesthetics and user interface design. With a background in Cognitive Science (B.Sc. with distinction, University of Osnabrueck) and Interface Design (M.A., University of Applied Sciences Potsdam), […]

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Tom Uglow

Time: 11:20am – 12:30pm Tom Uglow leads Google’s Creative Lab in Europe, working on new ideas and global brand projects for Google and YouTube such as Life in a Day, Chrome, Art Project, Play, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Search On, StreetView, Android, and more.  He tweets as @tomux, writes two blogs, has appeared on the […]

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Filip Visnjic

Time: 11:20am – 12:30pm Filip Visnjic is an architect, lecturer and a new media technologist born in Belgrade now living in London. He specialises in directing web, new media and architectural projects while also contributing to a number of blogs and magazines about art, design and technology. We all admire Filip for his work as editor-in-chief […]

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Olivia Solon

Time:14:50 – 15:50  Moderator Olivia Solon is a writer and editor specialising in technology, science, startups and digital culture. Currently Associate Editor of Wired.co.uk , she has also had work published in Metro, The Telegraph, Marketing Week, Music Week, and Frukt Source. Prior to working at Wired, she spent five years as a business journalist focusing on […]

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