Two Words for Tomorrow

Two Words for Tomorrow

Pick of the week #67

A digital art installation by FIELD.

The idea of this project was to ask Australian people to share in two words what they feel is the single biggest challenge that the nation is facing. Over 24,000 people have participated and the top 10 word combinations included ‘Government Leadership’, ‘Clean Environment’, ‘Strong Economy’ and ‘Cultural Harmony’. You can see the answers here.

FIELD and the artists collaborating turned those answers into a beautiful digital art installation where the people of Australia could see those challenges represented. The result is an elegant waterfall of digital data visualised in generative forms that compose never-ending variations. Below are some screen captures of the real time visualisation.

In words of FIELD Studio: “the artwork is driven by a bespoke composer software that generates a rhythmical score for both sound and visuals. Triggered by new word submissions to the online poll, the mood of the composer lives through different rhythms and patterns, injects impulses of colour and sound, and creates a never-ending, synaesthetic stream.”

The installation toured the past spring to Australia’s major cities including Melbourne and Sydney. This is a beautiful exercise and we hope will be used by the government and GE for a purpose.

Commissioned by The One Centre for GE.
Digital Art Installation by FIELD
Sound Design by David Kamp
Code by Matthias Dörfelt

Keywords: datavisualisation, realtime, participation

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