Pick of the week #71

Jeroen van Loon‘s ‘Kill Your Darlings’ is an installation artwork that takes online content out of its original context, creating discussion on the topics surrounding privacy, bullying and the use of real-time media.

Van Loon writes “Internet has given everybody his or her own channel to talk to the whole world. Who’s actually listening is not always important or even known. More importantly Twitter has made thoughts, opinions and in a bigger context, social relationships, freely available for everyone to enjoy.

‘Kill Your Darlings’ shows us the ‘private’ social circles of young teenage girls. Here we can see everything, look past their perfect, pretty and cute profile photos and see their not so perfect and often shocking tweets that they use to publicly insult, offend and abuse.”


Drawing on methods and ideas used in Hansen and Rubin’s ‘Listening Post‘, ‘Kill Your Darlings’ features software by Haute Technique via small LED keychains linked in a heart shaped grid, creating a powerful juxtaposition between innocence and different aspects of the online persona. These inconsistencies highlight the issues we are facing in digital culture as we begin to understand its uses and implications.


Co-produced with Oddstream  Festival 

Keywords: LED, Installation, Social Media, Privacy, Real time media, Internet


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