Pick of the week #70

This week’s highlight is about bright ideas and innovative tools for personal and social development.

Methodkit is a tool designed to facilitate personal and project development by Swedish collective Idea Society. The tool can be used individually or in groups and it helps define, structure and analyse the most important bits and pieces to “make the diffuse concrete”.

In words of the designer Ola Möllerthe two Methodkits were the answer to two of my own needs that I had identified:
Personal direction – Understanding what to focus on and where to go.
Developing ideas – To be able to define, develop & structure projects faster and better.
” (@olamoller)

The Methodkit for Projects consists of a stack of cards that helps you clarify thoughts and develop ideas. The cards become catalysts that accelerate the creation of projects, helps you when you get stuck and gives overview. A tool to think with, have workshop with and to use as a discussion facilitator.

The Methodkit for Personal Development is a kit that highlights the vital aspects of understanding who you are, what you are good at, where you are now and where you want to be headed. It contains 50 illustrated cards each with a key aspect or method that aids in defining and giving structure to your personal development.

You can purchase the kits from the Methodkit website.

Idea Society creates projects that bring people, ideas and stories together. Check previous projects here:

Keywords: ideas, toolkit, development, innovation.

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