Nine Point Five

Nine Point Five

Dean McNamee & Marcin Ignac

DK, 2010

Nine Point Five is an interactive visualization of earthquakes over the past 30 years. It uses the newly developed WebGL technology to create an fluid and interactive in-browser experience, presenting the events over an interactive Earth.Dean McNamee is a designer and engineer who studied at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. He has created and developed numerous web experiments and data-vis projects, along with integrated installations such as the project on display at Alpha-ville. In the past he has worked with companies, artists and musicians such as Battles, UVA, The Times, Native Instruments, Lego and Google. He also worked on Edits installation with Tim Burrell-Saward, which is also featured in Alpha-ville’s 2011 Innovation Space.Marcin Ignac is a Technology and Interaction Designer at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. His work has been showcased at exhibitions and festivals such as Mediations Biennale (Poznan/PL), Vivisesja (Poznan/PL), Kultura 2.0 / Poziom 2.0 (Warsaw/PL), Nordic Exceptional Trendshop (Aarhus/DK) and published in contemporary generative book project Written Images, a project which also features as part of the 2011 Innovation Space programme.

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  1. By Alpha-Ville 2011 | Saint Uffido on October 3, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    […] fact the entire Innovation Space contains many intriguing parts. Nine Point Five maps earthquake magnitudes on a globe, Edits spews forth an unceasing printer stream of every […]

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