Pick of the Week 12

Pick of the Week 12


Concept & Development: James Alliban (London, UK)
Design & Illustration: Juliet Lall (London, UK)

We have watched many different trials for iphone generative art pieces. James Alliban’s Konstruct showed a great growth for the area and a nice composition of a mobile device using AR and sound reactive interaction. It’s a very attractive part of iphone art cause we can experience the piece at home, and it’s absolutely free. The only barrier for this piece is we need to print out the marker. But it’s worth trying, and it’s very playful!

Creators’ note: Konstruct is an investigation into Generative Art in an Augmented Reality environment. It is a sound reactive AR experience for the iPhone that allows the user to create a virtual sculpture by speaking, whistling or blowing into the device’s microphone. A variety of 3D shapes, colour palettes and settings can be combined to build an endless collection of structures. Compositions can be saved to the device’s image gallery.

Technical Note :
#iphone, #AR, #soundreactive, #generativeart

Promo page: http://apps.augmatic.co.uk/konstruct

James Alliban’s Blog.

Konstruct and cat

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