Pick of the week 13

Pick of the week 13


Jason Krugman (NYC, US)

Harmonium is a part of the Jason Krugman’s Organic Electric series. The LED mesh structure visualizes organic forms and behaviors that were reproduced by anthropomorphic nature of responsive architectural experiments. The breathing lights seem to be breathing on a metaphorical but also actual dimension by its presence as a living thing. The attraction of Krugman’s work resides on the incredible liveliness of an artificial being embeded within strong mechanic bodies, which holds the attention of Ballardian interests.

Creators’ note: Organic Electric is a series of work composed of hand soldered LED mesh, folded and shaped into 3-dimensional illuminated forms. It is an exploration into the possibilities of 3-dimensional electro-luminescent LED structures. There are myriad possibilities for LEDs as a physical media, going far beyond their traditional use in Times Square type, 2-dimensional information displays. The concept of LED Weaving, is new and uncharted territory. Expanding on the custom switches that are the basic unit of “Firefly”, Organic Electric seeks to create organically shaped, responsive LED forms, rooted in analog and digital building techniques.

Technical Note :
#LED mesh, #responsive architecture, #physical computing

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