Pick of the Week 14

Pick of the Week 14


Abstract Birds and Quayola (London, UK)

Partitura is a custom software built in VVVV to generate real-time graphics aimed at visualizing sound. The term “Partitura” (score) implies a connection with music and this metaphor is the main focus of the project. Partitura aims to create a new system for translating sound into visual forms. Inspired by the investigations of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, the images generated by Partitura are based on a precise and coherent system of relationships between various types of geometries. The system is characterized by its horizontal linear structure like that of a musical score. It is along this linear environment that the different abstract elements are created and evolve over time according to the sound. Partitura creates endless abstract landscapes that can respond to musical structures, audio analysis and manual gestural inputs. It is an instrument that visualizes sound with the freedom of spontaneous personal interpretation/improvisation while maintaining the automations and triggers of mathematical precision.

Editor’s Note: Partitura 001, the sound reactive visualization output of Partitura has shown three major aspects of the audio-visual creatives. The image responds to the sound in different shapes, colours and motions, that are visible and recognizable as interactive reactions to changes in the sound parameters. The visual aesthetics also resonate to the different sound characteristics. Lastly the visual projection is adjustable to various kinds of display environments and settings such as music performing and listening situations. Partitura opens up a promising audio-visual platform.

Technical Note :
#sound visualisation #AV improvisation #VVVV
Abstract Birds Web.
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