Nobody Here

Nobody Here

Time: 2pm | Duration: 51.34mins

Nobody Here – A survey of art in a digitised society, curated by Paul Purgas

A selection of artists’ moving image exploring themes of culture, identity and ownership in the expanded digital age. The programme reflects upon the conditions of a digitised society and the potential for artists to formulate new modes of perception and engagement in response to technological media. Paul is a curator and electronic artist whose work explores the current convergence of interests between contemporary art, design and and experimental sonic practice. Previous collaborations include TATE Britain, Arnolfini and Crafts Council of England.

Yoshi Sodeoka – Covert Hypnosis in Politics
Steven Claydon – The Ancient Set
Al + Al – Eternal Youth
Daniel Swan – Lux Laze
Paul B Davis – Compression Study 4
Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) – Nobody Here
C505 – Purple Haze
Jimmy Merris – A Change for the Better

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